All the persons who feel that indian politics needs a drastic change. I personally feel that its the time now , for the young people and educated fellows to stand and take the responsibility to govern over the country.

All the politicians looking to full  there pockets,playing politics over languages , areas , cities , just looking there comforts.

In india as you all know politicians are the only one who gets all the benefits and inspite of all the benefits what they do i need not to mention that.

Politicians divide the people on the basis of cast, languages and cities like nowadays happening in certain part of country.They say they will finish corruption and all that rubish but i have no need to tell you people what they do.

I hope you people have understood my point what i m trying to say.

I m looking forward for your support lets put the hands together,all the people thinking about our country not personal benefits . All the young and capable people should start this thing so that we can put our efforts to reality in near future.

I m hoping for your support on all this.