As we all know there is always been a big debate that is riding safe or Driving safe.

Well as per me both has there pros and cons, personally i always prefer riding as on motorcycles both body and soul travels, one is directly in contact with surroundings no glass walls and car heaters are there to protect you from rains and cold. Cars seems like CAGES to me now and really hate to travel by car.

Whenever one say plans about long rides gets the reaction of others like Are you nuts, you want to ride to leh on bike?
Why don't you hire a taxi and go there, What will you do when it rains? , Its too risky on bike.

As per me taxis are much more risky then own vehicles, as per i know everyone cares about ones life, isn't it and about rains and all its all manageable and real adventure, it keeps adrenaline pumping.  As per me riding is all about enjoying the nature and surroundings not speeding stunting and racing.

I have been to many small rides and few long rides now and seriously telling you just a 2 3 days weekend ride or any other ride and you will feel whatever i said a true. You cant compare the charm tea or B'fast in a road side dhaba, a night spent in a tent hotel or cheap guest houses and many other most unforgetable experiences in your life.